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History of our Cigars/Puros

Due to political instabilities in the past, Panama and its diverse products have been kept in the shadows until recently. The world is now rediscovering this Country, for business, tourism, beauty and tobacco.

Panama has a rich history of cigar manufacturing for over 100 years. The tobacco is grown in the Chiriqui Province, a lush region well known for it’s agricultural products. The consistent tropical climate has been a prime location for cigar production much like her neighbors, such as Nicaragua, Honduras and yes, Cuba. In this Province of Chiriqui, high in the mountains, there lies the finest soil in the area known as Sortova, This area is the heart of tobacco production in Panama. This is where the “Don Giovanni” Puros is grown and rolled.

For Don Giovanni, it all began when Mr. Edel Gomez of “Sanchez y Gomez” Cigars, suggested growing tobacco in Panama, since Sortova region had the reputation in growing one of the finest tobacco for major cigar makers in the world.

When Don Giovanni decided to produce cigars, he decided to produce them in the same manner that Cuban Puros were made.... mainly for two reasons. First, the tobacco plant is cultivated unlike anything grown anywhere else in the world. Second, Cuban Puros have never been blended, they contain only Cuban tobacco and no preservatives, no taste enhancers, no fillers, never mixed or blended with tobacco from another country.

Since 2008, his tobacco was harvested in the region of Sortova and soon after the first aging process was completed, by coincidence several Puros were totally hand made and as a gift, given to the Prince Arthur A. Pagan of the House of Homestead in the Principality of the Country of Andorra.

Soon after, the Prince suggested to Don Giovanni to produce an exclusive Puro in the Cuban Cigar tradition, strictly for the Prince’s enjoyment to include for his Dignitaries.  (Puro: term given for a cigar that is not blended with any other tobacco of another country)

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A message from Don Giovanni

We only produce a medium to full bodied Puro and only in dark red (Colorado) Maduro which will give the finest flavor of pure natural aged tobacco. Another surprise will await you when enjoying a “Don Giovanni” Puro.... from the very first puff to the very last draw, the Maduro taste stays the same, a most enjoyable experience to include an aftertaste that it is never harsh nor bitter. Absolutely silky smooth.

Your enjoyment is so very important to us...
“take time to savor my Puros... my friend”.



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